Children and Youth Development

The Foundation believes that supporting the healthy development of children and youth is an essential investment in our community; promotes a more just society; and helps promote a more secure future for us all. We support efforts that:

  • Promote the positive development of children and youth
  • Maintain or increase the physical and emotional health, safety and security of youth
  • Maintain the availably of high quality youth serving programs and organizations

Community Building and Development

The Foundation envisions communities that are dynamic, diverse and benefit from active and engaged citizens. We support efforts that:

  • Promote and build collaborations and improved community systems
  • Spur community and economic development
  • Result in the physical improvement of neighborhoods or community-based public spaces
  • Encourage volunteerism and service


Culture and the Arts

The Foundation believes that a robust cultural and arts infrastructure is essential for creating vibrant, healthy communities. We support efforts that:

  • Promote fiscally responsible management of cultural and arts organizations
  • Increase connections between community and economic development and the arts
  • Enhance the accessibility of cultural and artistic experiences and expression
  • Promote the artistic and cultural development of young people

Self Sufficiency

The Foundation believes that people in need deserve help, and that the highest form of help is assisting individuals and families to achieve greater levels of self reliance and independence. We support efforts that:

  • Increase or maintain the availability of food, clothing, shelter, housing or other basic needs for people
  • Maintain the availability and enhance the quality of service providers that help meet people’s basic needs
  • Help individuals or families become increasingly stable, self sufficient and successful