First Steps

Review the Foundation’s Mission and Values, Geographic Focus, Capital Project Restrictions, Charitable Status Requirement and the Program Areas supported in order to determine:

  1. Your organization's eligibility to apply for Foundation support;
  2. The degree to which your project or program aligns with the Foundation Program Areas.

Submit a Stage One Request

If you determine that your organization is eligible for Foundation support and there is a strong match between your organization’s efforts and the Foundation’s charitable giving interests, you may submit a Stage One Request. Click the button below to submit your Stage One Request via our online application system.



Submit a Stage Two Request (if invited)

If your Stage One Request is approved, you will be notified by the Foundation and provided with the online application link and instructions for preparing a Stage Two Request.

Please note that the Foundation generally will not favor proposals seeking funds for annual appeals, debt retirement, endowments, individuals, private or operating foundations, school-related tours, or the production of films, videos or publications. The Foundation does not fund lobbying efforts or efforts to influence elections or legislation.